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No More Page 3


UK WILPF are joining the campaign to remove Page 3. Here is our statement on why we think it is important:

“The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom has worked for almost 100 years to study and make known the causes of conflict and war. We fully support the ‘No more page 3′ campaign.

As we know, violence against women can thrive in cultures that view women as second to men and let’s face it, that’s practically everywhere on earth. Women struggle for equality and emancipation from violence, the threat of violence and the acceptance of violence as a means of control or to solve conflict. We demand something different because violence and objectification of women is not good for women or men. From the normalisation of objectifying women’s bodies in low circulation newspapers, to using rape as a weapon of war, women around the world are treated with the utmost contempt and if we ignore the small building blocks, we risk betraying those who inevitably pay the price. Stop Page 3 now to take away one layer of sexism and give boys, girls, young men and women and UK society hope that we can expect women to be viewed as more than sex objects or trophies of war.”

Brixton Windmill Festival


Ilse and Sheila with the South London stall

On June 22nd, WILPF members Sheila Triggs, Ilse Wermink, Jean Kerrigan and Kady Murphy hosted a stall at the Windmill Festival in Brixton ( to raise funds andpromote awareness of WILPF in the area with a view to starting a group for women in South London. Over £60 was raised on the day thanks to sales of WILPF merchandise, second hand books and homemade jam.


Lots of homemade goodies for sale

Lots of homemade goodies for sale

Despite the weather the festival was well attended, with a great family feel and lots of interest in WILPF from many different people. If you are a woman in South London and are interested in learning more about WILPF’s work on women’s rights and peace, come along to our next event on 10th July (more information here) or contact the UK WILPF office for more information.


Aldermaston Action

aldgroupAction AWE is a campaign to take action at the bomb factory at Aldermaston to protest against nuclear weapons.  It will continue from now until the general election in 2015 and WILPF is a supporting organisation .

On Friday 28th June a group of WILPF and Women in Black members headed off to Aldermaston to take part in an action that aimed to alert workers at the factory to the consequences of their actions. The day was a great success, Have a look out at our photos here - including a friendly policeman/photographer!

Pioneers for Peace

Chrystal Macmillan

Born in Edinburgh in 1872, Chrystal Macmillan – a barrister, feminist and peace activist – was one of the founders of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).

Third Force News interviewed some of our Scottish Branch members to see how they are continuing the inspirational work of Chrystal Macmillan. Find out more and read the article here.

Somali women raise their voices

The UK WILPF’s Voices of African Women Campaign (VoAW) has been working in conjunction with the Voices of Somali Women’s Movement (VSWM) to make significant steps forward in campaigning for Somali women’s rights.  The movement, which is affiliated to WILPF UK, was launched in 2012 with the support of WILPF which helped bring together different groups of Somali women under one banner.

On a trip to the capital of Mogadishu, two WILPF members, originally from Somalia, spent time visiting organizations on the ground, including the Somali National Women’s Organisation, who gave their full support and encouragement to VSWM’s work. READ MORE…

WILPF Starts the Movement to Ban Chemical Weapons

Wilpf women protest chemical weapons 1960In April 2015 WILPF will commemorate 100 years of campaigning for peace and disarmament.  There have been many struggles along the way and our work is far from done but great gains have also been made.

Join us in the countdown as we take a look at some of the highlights and achievements of WILPF women and WILPF campaigns over the last century and the contribution they have made to continuously advocating for world peace. READ MORE…

Tell us your WILPF story!

485970_10151477946259719_583488631_nWith our upcoming centenary in 2015 we are gathering stories of women who have been involved with WILPF throughout the organisation’s history.

If you do not belong to a branch and would like to contribute your WILPF Story could you please copy and complete the questionnaire [see link below] and send the completed questionnaire into UK WILPF office or alternatively email to subject line of email ‘History questionnaire’.


Get Involved!

Support the work of WILPF? Interested in volunteering? Read on…

The Executive needs the help of supporters to progress our current work.  As well as our on-going campaigns we have a Centenary Celebration  in 2015 and visiting WILPF sisters from India who are going to lead our Autumn Seminar at SOAS on Sunday October 27th 2013. We need volunteers who would be prepared to take on duties associated with these projects. Can you help in any way?

If you are interested in 2015 please contact Helen Kay 2015 UK Co-ordinator at subject line of email 2015 to

Or in planning the Autumn Seminar, contact Anne Scott UKWILPF Secretary subject line of email Autumn Seminar 2013

Members wishing to join the Executive would also be very  welcome.  Anne Scott can send more information and they can be co-opted onto the Executive.

Members who wish to understand more about the work of the Executive are encouraged to come to the next meeting on Saturday September 7th at our London office 11am-4pm.

Travel expenses are paid for co-opted Executive members.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! In peace.

Letter to William Hague on Syria

WILPF UK recently sent a letter to the UK government’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague. The letter outlined our clear opposition against our government’s proactive stance towards arming Syrian rebels. A copy of the letter can be found below. If you too feel that sending arms to Syria is not the correct road to peace, and are worried about the UK’s government’s actions in this direction, why not share this letter or even better write to William Hague yourself? Read the letter here.

Appeal for Peace in Sudan


Sudanese Mothes for Peace  are extremely concerned about the present situation of instability, human rights and armed conflict in Sudan, particularly in Darfur, Blue Nile and Kordofan; as well as the mounting tension between south Sudan and Sudan.

Because of this we were preparing for an International Conference to raise the voices of mothers to say “No” to war.

In this conference we were intending to call all the Sudanese, the government, the opposition parties, the armed movements, to come together to try to solve the problem of Sudan by dialogue and negotiation without the interference of any outside power so as to establish lasting peace, Justice and HR in Sudan and the region Recognition of the mistakes in the past and the apology and forgiveness should be the start.

The International Community, the African Union, the Arab League, the Arab Countries Concerned, the European Union and all the Embassies in Sudan plus the International NGOs, and the International Personals concerned in Peace for Sudan will be invited.

Who is Calling for Peace

In the present situation we have research mothers in the camps, in Darfur, and Kordofan, Blue Nile and East Sudan targeting the simple mother who is the victim of the war and have collected up till now 8,000 signatures from mothers calling for peace and raising their voices against wars.

We are still preparing for this conference and giving the chance for more mothers to have their say.

According to the present situation of war braking out so severely at this moment, in South and North Kordofan and others places we postponed our conference to be next August 2013.

Now: on behalf of 8,000 mothers

We appeal to all parties to stop this nasty killing of each other right now and to sit down for peaceful political negotiation to secure peace justices HR and democracy to every citizen in Sudan.

Recalling the Unite Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and for the representation of women at all decision-making levels in national, regional and international institutions in conflict resolution and peace processes, Sudanese mother for peace will remain Supportive to this process.

Mama Khadiga [pictured]



منظمة أمهــات الســـــودان للســلام والتنميـــة


Flat (4) – Story (5) – Ikwa Building – Atbara St – Khartoum – Sudan

الخرطوم – عمارة الأخوة – شارع عطبرة

الطابق (5) – شقة (4)

تلفون:  0157807462 – فاكس : 0155114089 موبايل : 0912578210


Date: 16.5.2013